Half-arsed hyperboles are one of the worst things ever

Recently on ABC TV, newsreader Jeremy Fernandes referred to Nelson Mandela’s memorial service as “What’s thought to be one of the largest gatherings of world leaders in South Africa’s history”. This hyperbolic vagueness is nothing out of the ordinary. Our language harbours a growing cancer of over-the-top uncertainty.

Stupid conservative numbers game is no proof of bias

Gavin Atkins’s post on ABC’s The Drum is the latest in a line of conservatives playing stupid numbers games to ‘prove’ that the ABC (or some other media organisation) has an inherent left-wing bias. In fact, all it demonstrates is that Atkins and his fellow cultural warriors do not have the faintest clue about the purpose of journalism.

Another day, another freelancer

Another day, another publication ‘restructures’ its team, another journo goes out into the world trying to earn a living on nothing more than his wits. This website will serve as my online portfolio and first point of contact for information on my freelance work, how to contact me and what I can do for you….