Adventures in satellite navigation

Your GPS tells you the road to the winery is the other side of a farm gate across a dirt road. Instinct tells you the other side of the gate is a sheep paddock.

No shit sherlock news #1

Temperatures are rising because of greenhouse gases; energy industry says renewable energy will cost more; Greens call energy industry self-serving. NZ cricketer says Aussie cricketers are arrogant; Aussie cricketer arrogantly dismisses criticism. Govt sticks to clichéd excuses and bland reassurances about David Hicks; Dems say govt will lose votes over it (in Balmain and Fitzroy)….

Feel good

There are no feel-good movies about people who triumph over adversity while being plagued with self doubt and thinking they’re never going to succeeed. But there are plenty of movies about people who triumph over adversity because they always believe they are going to succeed even though nobody else believes they can do it. I…

Today’s horoscope

All my attempts to abdicate responsibility for life direction have failed today; I may be forced to to make my own decisions.


I seem to have good luck with storms. Made it home just before the whopper that’s currently sitting directly over my house, judging by the very loud and very immediate cracks of thunder. Storms and raffles. Not much luck with anything else at the moment, which is a cryptic comment about last night. Cryptic even…