Guess what, journalists: data retention isn’t all about you

In his most recent podcast, The 9pm Malcolm and the Cnuts, Stilgherrian talks about how journalists tend to go on and on about topics that only journalists give a stuff about, such as Canberra power games. He also continues his top-quality coverage and analysis of Australia’s proposed data retention laws. He does not, however, go into the rather strong connection between the two.

Allow me to join the dots.

Because there is no issue about which Australian journos’ heads are further up their own arseholes than data retention. (I should point out, if it is not already obvious, that Stilgherrian takes a much broader view of the issue than most of his media colleagues.)

The Australian media is, in most cases, against the proposed data retention laws. So are a lot of regular people. Huzzah!

But are journalists, like the rest of us, worried about the very real potential for privacy breaches that could result from many government agencies having warrantless access to huge amounts of very sensitive information about people who have not broken any laws? Continue reading