Adventures in satellite navigation

You reach a farm gate on a dirt road.

Farm gate
Farm gate photo by secretlondon123*

Your GPS tells you the road to the winery, where your friends are waiting, is the other side of the gate. Instinct tells you the other side of the gate is a sheep paddock. You trust the GPS and drive through.

The road gets narrower and rougher. Soon it is just two tyre tracks with grass growing in the middle.

Dirt track
Dirt track photo by Michael Coghlan

Still the GPS insists you are going in the right direction. You pass a farm shed and some barking dogs.

About the time a flock of sheep wanders across what you insist on calling a ‘road’, your instinct starts giggling but refuses to catch your eye.

Sheep on the road
Sheep on the road photo by Nick Bramhall

You drive to the top of a hill and the two tyre tracks disappear into the grass. “You have reached your destination,” the GPS says. You stop the car and get out.

You are in a sheep paddock.

Sheep paddock
Sheep paddock photo by Nick & Kirsten

* Photos are for illustration purposes, since it was not possible to drive a car, swear and take photos at the same time.

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