They’re old, they’re cranky and they know what they don’t like

Any time Coalitions pollies endlessly repeat a stock phrase, in unison, to every media outlet that will listen, you can be guaranteed the exact opposite is actually the case.


Not so sceptical my brains will fall out

Tim Dean has written a wonderfully reasonable and thoughtful piece on why conservatives are more likely to be climate change sceptics. I am somewhat more suspicious of their motives. As you can imagine, this article provoked a flood of outraged, incendiary, irrational commentary from conservative climate change deniers. Indeed, many climate deniers say their inability…

The media’s credibility has already been nuked

The situation in Fukushima is either a dire, Chernobyl-like disaster that will render vast sections of the Japanese coast uninhabitable for centuries or a minor incident that demonstrates the safety of well designed nuclear power plants. Sometimes both at once, if you believe the media. Journalists, of course, have no idea about how a nuclear…