Stupid conservative numbers game is no proof of bias

Gavin Atkins’s post on ABC’s The Drum is the latest in a line of conservatives playing stupid numbers games to ‘prove’ that the ABC (or some other media organisation) has an inherent left-wing bias. In fact, all it demonstrates is that Atkins and his fellow cultural warriors do not have the faintest clue about the purpose of journalism.

Population alarmists are always wrong

In recent months, the issue of Australia’s population has become increasingly contentious. But those who advocate unpleasant measures to make our population more ‘sustainable’ are looking at the problem from entirely the wrong angle. Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd wholeheartedly supported the idea of a ‘big Australia’, with a projected population of 36 million by…

Twitter won’t stop the filter or win the election

The impotent rage many Twits feel about the political-media establishment’s nonchalant treatment of internet censorship is palpable. But the harsh reality is, even if everyone on Twitter thought and voted the same way, it would make no difference to this policy or the election result.