Abandon Twitter – the shonks and bogans are coming

The delightful Things Bogans Like blog recently went out on a limb and suggested a number of things bogans will like in the near future, and number one was Twitter.

In the past 18 months, the new bogan has belatedly made the switch from MySpace to Facebook as its social networking website of choice. This has caused trendsetters to start making the switch from Facebook over to Twitter. Once the bogan realises that there are celebrities on Twitter, and that no interaction on there is more than 140 characters in length, it will be unable to resist the appeal of broadcasting its every move to its friends via its phone or computer. Even better, the 140 character limit is something that bogans have been training for for years, via generally unintelligible text message abbreviations. The trendsetters, meanwhile, will migrate elsewhere, galled by the flood of tweeted rubbish that the bogan will bring.

Meanwhile Jodee Rich, founder of failed telco One.Tel, has handed the Australian Securities and Investments Commission a can of legal whoop-ass and is now free to be a company director again.

One.Tel dudeABC radio’s Deborah Cameron asked Rich what his next venture might be and, some would say predictably, he spoke excitedly about the enormous potential of social media.

One can only imagine the horrors this may unleash on the social media landscape. It could make a plague of bogans seem like a mild irritation. But at least we might see the long-awaited resurrection of the One.Tel dude (see right).

The question is, if Twitter (and social media) become uninhabitable for techno-hipsters, where will they go next?

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  1. Big says:

    Have you looked at Trending Topics in the last 6 months? The bogans already _own_ Twitter… #uknowitsarecession Glee #blackthoughts #whitethoughts #whatsbetter
    It’s mostly American bogans, but still…


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