Adventures in TV repair

Came home the other night to find the TV on and the house unusually warm. Suspected burglary, but nothing seemed to be missing. Figured the TV had caught a random cosmic ray and switched itself on, and it puts out a fair amount of heat.

Things got weirder on Sunday night. TV kept turning the volume up to 100 by itself. Suspected poltergeist with hearing difficulties.

Process of elimination: remove batteries from remote – still happening. Cover infrared port on TV, in case of random radiation source in the room – seemed to work at first, then didn’t. Twiddle with buttons in case one of them got stuck – non-sticky electronic buttons don’t appear to get stuck or to be capable of unsticking.

Evaluate options: take TV to repair shop, stop watching TV, dismantle TV and poke around the insides, call exorcist. TV is weird LCD thing from Chinese manufacturer nobody’s ever heard of, Konka. Possibly similar to Sorny or Magnetbox.

Pfft. I know a genuine Panaphonics when I see it.

Likelihood of parts availability: minimal. TV addiction too entrenched to consider breaking on a Sunday night before work. Don’t believe in ghosts.

Leaving option 3.

Unplug all cables from TV, lie it flat on dining table, unscrew 25 screws, remove back cover. As expected, button assembly is a discrete component connected to the rest of the TV with a small ribbon cable. Twiddle with ribbon cable connector, appears sound. Unscrew button assembly from frame, pull away from TV with loud glue-unsticking noises. Muck around with button area, twiddle with two additional ribbon cable connectors. Stick button assembly back in place, screw back into frame, twiddle with connectors again. Replace cover, screw in 25 screws, connect power cable to TV. Volume levels remain at preset level.

Plug cables back into TV, realise I’ve missed Dr Who. Watch 5 minutes of Foyle’s War before deciding I’m not in the mood for twee period drama, and besides, Honeysuckle Weeks has a weird name. Read book, retire to bed early.

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  1. Kimota says:

    And it was a cracking episode of Dr Who as well…

    It’s times like these that Bittorrent comes into its own…

    I also have an audio/visual ‘poltergeist’. Every once in a while, it likes to switch on my amp in the wee hours of the morning at a volume guaranteed to wake the neighbours. Guess I’m not as adventurous as you to start digging around inside.

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