How much user generated content can one user generate?

Things have again been a bit quiet on this blog. I must now divide my attention between this, my work blog, Facebook, Twitter and all the content I can aggregate on Google Reader. And the dozens of random links people send me on instant messenger.

What troubles me is that I know plenty of people for whom this is a fairly lightweight regime. There are people who blog several times a day and Twitter endlessly. And it’s not as though they get paid for it, as far as I can work out. How do they manage?

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  1. It’s called continuous partial attention and was caused by eating too much sugar and watching brightly flashing cartoons as a kid. It is destroying the world.

    Hang on … back now from a Tweet.

    What was I saying again?

  2. Alex Kidman says:

    I.. I mean, they… clearly like the sound of their own voices too much. Yes, I think that went well enough…

    Either that, or you need more Ego.

    Hang on — what am I saying?

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