Enough, fanbois

Isobella Jade topless — I get more hits this way

SMH’s story on aspiring model Isobella Jade, who perfected the art of freeloading by coming into the New York Apple store every day for 18 months to check her email, should be headlined:

Apple perfects the art of freeloading off fanboi journos for publicity

Here’s a picture of Isobella Jade topless. I get more hits this way.

And here’s a picture of Ms Jade from Mac Directory magazine, where the SMH stoleadapted the story from.

I mean, seriously, the two hottest stories in the Aussie tech media lately are:

Isobella Jade in MacDirectory story
  1. Apple releases product
  2. Apple opens shop.

I can’t imagine there ever being two stories with a stronger public interest angle.

It’s fine to be a fan of a particular brand or product, sure. But when you let your religious devotion to the Cult of Steve cloud your editorial judgment, you’re doing your readers a disservice and discrediting your publication as a click-chasing whore.

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