Bush to Mugabe: rigging elections is bad

US President George W Bush has criticised Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe for not releasing the results of last month’s election.

” . . . you can’t have elections unless you’re willing to put the results out. What kind of election is it if you not let the will of the people be known?” Bush told reporters after a White House meeting with British PM Gordon Brown.

George W should perhaps have consulted his diaries for 7 November 2000, or thereabouts, before making statements of this kind.

But I suppose, it makes sense. George W rigs elections, nobbles the media, spies on his citizens, imprisons and tortures people without trial, abuses human rights and keeps poor black people in third-world conditions while ruining the economy to corruptly enrich a cadre of cronies and insiders, blaming all the country’s ills on a nebulous foreign bogeyman.

Whereas Mugabe . . . ?

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