A crime of passion after all

Indonesian police have paraded before the media a man who has admitted to murdering Heidi Murphy. 23 year old Ahmad Fahrul Rosi was arrested last night in East Java. Police say he had been robbing Murphy’s house when she woke up and made a fuss, whereupon he stabbed her 37 times with a kitchen knife he happened to have brought along.

“Yes I regret it, at first I was going only to steal, I admit what I did,” Rosi told the media.

Not that one could ever cast doubt on the integrity of the Indonesian judicial system.

This gruesome crime netted Rosi a laptop, two mobile phones and about a hundred bucks in cash. He sold them and used the money to buy two rings, a new mobile phone and a watch, which he planned to use as part of a marriage proposal to his girlfriend, police said.

Awww, romantic. No wait, that other thing.

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