Crime of passion?

Absent of any facts, speculation rages in the Aussie meeja about the motive for the gruesome murder of Heidi Murphy in Bali. The current odds-on theory is a revenge attack for not paying workers’ wages. If it’s true, it puts the debate on industrial relations laws in this country into sharp relief.

Always striving to out-tabloid the tabloids, the Sydney Morning Herald‘s reporter “discovered” a journal of love poems at the crime scene, which the police confiscated. But not before the Herald‘s man in Bali managed to jot down a few lines, and then saw fit to publish them.

Stripped naked I am here waiting for you and my eyes can only see you. It’s like we’ve met 1000 times before.

Had it been published in the Sydney Goth Herald, no doubt this poem would have been reported as the author foretelling her own death. But of course with the SMH it’s always about sex.

One has to wonder, of course, about the Bali police allowing a Herald journo to poke around the crime scene. And the ethics of publishing this prurient detail of the dead woman’s private life. And the tenuousness of claiming this poetry as evidence to a crime of passion.

I mean, sure it’s shit poetry, but it’s not that bad.

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  1. Leela says:

    I’ve been following this as Heidi was someone I knew casually (a dear friend and business partner of a close friend of mine). I’m also close with the community she is part of in Bali and so I know they are reeling in shock. I too had the same reaction to the press being allowed in to the scene at all and to thumb through her belongings. With that kind of lax security at a crime scene it does not bode well for the truth being discovered with any factual certainty. I am holding out hope that her attacker’s DNA can be retrieved from Heidi’s body but I have no idea of the state of Indonesian forensics.
    In the US, the police have a saying for non-forced entry murders: “It’s always the husband.” But in this case, I have to disagree. Not just because I knew and liked Ben but because it sounds like his alibi is very solid. But you never know. My oddss are also on the unpaid worder scenario, which I find heart wrenchingly tragic- that she was killed for what was probably less than a few thousand dollars…

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