Bacon sandwiches

Could someone explain why I woke up this morning with intense pain in two muscles at the back of my head – about level with the tops of my ears?

The best suggestion I’ve heard so far was from a colleague who said she used to get the same muscular pain after taking acid.

Of course I haven’t knowingly taken any in the last decade, which could only mean someone secretly dosed me with the stuff. That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Although it might explain the dream I had last night in which my late grandmother was telling me about bacon sandwiches.

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  1. DAL says:

    Well, if you want the medical answer, it is probably a muscle spasm from sleeping funny. Could also be an odd way that you were reading, poor light, too close, wrong glasses, guaranteed to give you pain in your occipital area. Too much alcohol? Hangover? A tumor? Your grandmother hitting you upside your head in your sleep and yelling really loud in your ears? You know I could go on…..

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