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  1. spirit foul says:

    why waste pepper spray on someone who will shortly be dead at the hands of his parents anyway?

  2. Miss Liz says:

    I had a weird work thing I had to fill out my first day. It went a little something like this:

    I’m here to work on: improving my portfolio and winning a couple of awards.

    I used to work at: being a nicer person. When I discovered that my efforts were in vain I went back to freelancing at a whole bunch of integrated ad agencies in Sydney.

    Something about me: I was given the stickiest keyboard known to mankind on my first day at [company name withheld]. In fact, it’s taken me 17 minutes to type this paragraph. I also have the strangest urge to wash my hands in undiluted bleach…

    My favourite book/movie is: one where the latter is not a poor adaptation of the former.

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