Lachrymose hagiography

And the 2007 election award for lachrymose hagiography goes to, who’d have guessed, Miranda Devine for her post-mortem on Janette Howard’s First Ladyship. (I’ve added dictionary definition links in case any Miranda fans read this and need some help.)

Wee bit of a contradiction, though. Miranda claims the former First Frump’s . . .

. . . avid interest in politics, voracious consumption of media and accurate antenna for the public mood has made the 63-year-old former teacher Mr Howard’s most formidable adviser.

Yeeeees, except for the bit last year when she told him not to step aside for Peter Costello. Overstaying his welcome has been widely credited as one of the final nails in the conservative coffin. Janette evidently misread the public mood on that one rather badly. And if we needed any more evidence of her lack of touch with the common folk . . .

When an emotional young woman told her: “I can’t believe people could vote such a good government out,” she replied: “They just don’t remember what it was like before.”

Either that, or they do remember and got sick of having the place overrun with pea-brained conservative dinosaurs who, it seems, still have trouble accepting that everyone else in the country has moved on.

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