The sins of the spouse

Ah, the deliciousness . . . The Tories’ last gasps of electoral oxygen swallowed by the idiotic actions of boofhead party hacks, who may or may not have been the husbands of the current (retiring) MP for Lindsay Jackie Kelly and her Lib replacement Karen Chijoff.

One has to be particularly impressed with Kelly’s performance on AM this morning. “I’ve read the alleged pamphlet,” she starts off . . . Ummm. If you’ve read it, it’s not alleged; it’s real. She goes on to claim it’s really a very funny satirical joke. If you didn’t know better, you’d say she was drunk or stupid, or very, very sneaky. Good thing she’s retiring, eh?

The PM failed to see the funny side, though he added we shouldn’t blame wives for the (alleged) misdemeanours of their husbands.

It doesn’t automatically follow that because this lady’s husband may have done something foolish and wrong that that disentitles her from continuing. I think that would be unreasonable and would be out of step with contemporary society.

One couldn’t help but be reminded of when Big Kev was nearly crucified because his wife’s company (allegedly) underpaid some of its workers. One delighted at the prospect of revealing, yet again, the PM’s hypocrisy in defending the actions of one spouse while getting stuck into another. But the wily old fella, in the only public utterance I could find on the matter, actually said:

This issue, Mr Speaker, has got nothing to do, it’s got nothing to do with modern marriages, its got nothing to do whatever with conflicts of interest, it’s got everything to do with the hypocrisy and the double standards of the Australian Labor Party.

Consistency! And a not-unfashionable attitude! How galling!

Still, the man has made a virtue of plodding consistency, at least as a sugar-coating for being an evil, deceitful militant reactionary. Allegedly. He even told us not to vote him out of office because you can’t change government without changing the country. And they say he’s out of touch! But then he must be, because it hasn’t occurred to him that, as a nation, we might WANT to change. As Keating the Great put it:

Nations get a chance to change course every now and then. When things become errant, a wise country adjusts its direction. It understands that it is being granted an appointment with history. On this coming Saturday, this country should take that opportunity by driving a stake through the dark heart of Howard’s reactionary government.

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  1. thepigs says:

    yeah that, “you can’t change without changing” line was interesting when I heard it for the first time on Kerry O Briens 7:30 report. I thought Kerry should have said “is that why you didn’t let Peter have ago?”

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