Google outspends Australia 20:1 on renewable energy

Earlier this week, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin pledged to spend “hundreds of millions”, in the long run, on renewable energy research and projects in an initiative called RE<C (renewable energy cheaper than coal) (nerds). The project’s eventual aim is to build one gigawatt of renewable energy capacity that is cheaper than coal….

Lachrymose hagiography

And the 2007 election award for lachrymose hagiography goes to, who’d have guessed, Miranda Devine for her post-mortem on Janette Howard’s First Ladyship. (I’ve added dictionary definition links in case any Miranda fans read this and need some help.) Wee bit of a contradiction, though. Miranda claims the former First Frump’s . . . ….

Paging Dr Freud

Yes, Kerry O’Brien really did describe the battle in Bennelong as “looking like a victory for the ABC”.

The sins of the spouse

Ah, the deliciousness . . . The Tories’ last gasps of electoral oxygen swallowed by the idiotic actions of boofhead party hacks, who may or may not have been the husbands of the current (retiring) MP for Lindsay Jackie Kelly and her Lib replacement Karen Chijoff. One has to be particularly impressed with Kelly’s performance…

Wait a minute . . .

Overloaded boat . . . offshore . . . engine not working . . . sinking . . . rescued by navy . . . children . . . fell into the water . . . Surely they don’t think we’re going to fall for THAT one again?

Political activism

It recently became apparent that the people who moved in to the office opposite ours were the campaign staff for local MP Joe Hockey. (It became obvious when they put up some Joe Hockey campaign posters in the window facing mine.) To counter this visual pollution, I put up a (very mature) poster of my…

Quote of the week

” . . . if this election campaign has revealed anything, it is that the art of political oratory is dead in Australia and both John Howard and Kevin Rudd are helping the police with their inquiries.” – Annabel Crabb, Sydney Morning Herald