To Lenny Ann Low, SMH reviewer

I am fed up with you following me around and reviewing everywhere I go.

Every time you write up a venue, for weeks afterwards ordinary decent people can’t get a table or a drink for all the throngs of rubbernecking pleb Herald readers trying to be cool.

Piss off and ruin someone else’s life, or I’m getting an AVO.

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  1. Suburban Hell says:

    you intellectual elites and your venue snobbery. if you don’t like lenny ann low, get your tofu-burger-eating, lemongrass and durian milkshake-drinking Newtown self out to the suburbs to see how real Australians live. Head down to the [suburb deleted] RSL for a good serve of surf ‘n’ turf, washed down with VB, before hitting the pokies and see how much you enjoy that, big fella. If you’re lucky, you may escape without being king-hit by a rugby league player on the way home.

  2. thepigs says:

    you still visit bars? i’ve taken to injecting aclcohol staright into my eyeballs.

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