Isn’t it curious that the chaps at The Oz seem to be giving a lot more airtime to MySpace than Facebook? Especially when MySpace is pretty much old hat in the journosphere, whereas the mainstream media currently can’t get enough stories about Facebook.

In today’s Australian, we discover that Kevin Rudd has started a MySpace profile and has friends such as Naughty Amelia Jane, a 19-year-old law student from Melbourne (from the ‘whenever a story is boring, put a teenage girl in it’ school of journalism).  But Big Kev has been on Facebook for more than a month, which The Oz mysteriously never covered. Yesterday, The Australian told us that although Facebook is growing quickly, it is “light-years behind MySpace’s 3.8 million Australian profiles” with only 141,000 Aussies signed up.

We can’t help but notice that Big Rupert recently spent a few hundred of his millions acquiring MySpace, whereas Facebook is still owned by its founder Mark Zuckerberg (who has refused to sell despite reported offers of up to US$2.3 billion). Not that we would ever accuse our colleagues at chez News of allowing their master’s interests to cloud their journalistic objectivity.

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