Finally, SATC helps me get laid

Sydney Morning Herald and Sun Herald staff went on strike yesterday afternoon over planned redundancies of 35 staff. If one had hoped we would at least be spared another Miranda Devine outrage, it turns out one would have been disappointed. Though perhaps in support of her striking colleagues, it could at least be said that Miranda put no effort whatsoever into research or good writing.

Meanwhile, fellow strike-breaking scab Sam and the City has found yet another marketroid category of man whom women should want to date: the technosexual.

Hence there was a gap in the market for a man that not only good looked good, but could fix the DVD player, sync the iPod to their laptop and configure their internet connection so they could do the shopping, pay the bills and get the latest installment of Perez Hilton.

One of Sam’s readers mentioned the F-word – feminism – and asked why women should not be able to fix their own laptops and internet connections. To which Sam probably responded, “Don’t ask me, I’m just a girl! *giggle*”

Because Sam believes in thorough research almost as much as Miranda, she actually goes as far as the other end of the hallway for her archetypal dateable nerd: SMH tech reporter Asher Moses. Yes, the same SMH tech section that features all those stories about Google and Second Life and Wikipedia, not that they’re chasing page impressions to boost ad revenue, or anything.

Actually, I reckon Sam and Asher would make a great couple. They’re both yids and clearly have similar attitudes to research and the whole journalistic-standards-vs-populism debate. And not only is Asher fairly easy on the eyes, so Sam seems to think, he also falls into a terribly fashionable stereotype that would demonstrate Sam’s ability to stay at the bleeding edge of social trends.

Meanwhile, I will be hanging out in dry-cleaner bars (the sort of places women go to pick up a suit), flashing my BlackBerry and talking loudly about fixing DVD players and synchronising iPods.

Please form an orderly queue, ladies.

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  1. thepigs says:

    top shelf. i’m quite drunk and throroughly enjoed this post.

  2. groob says:

    Where are the Lara Bingle pics?

  3. polyestergirl says:

    haha where are the lara bingle pics, u r funny!hey, miranda devine is a god send in australian journalism.ooh, feminista exstrordinaire!no one can say it like our miranda!the f-word is the best site out-along with charliegrrl and lonergrrrl blogs!you go you f-ing queens!

  4. thepigs says:

    did you actually get laid?

  5. Josh says:

    No. But I haven’t tried it out yet.
    The boss just told me we are moving offices in a couple of months and the company on the floor below us is a modelling agency. He suggested I should just let my computer-fixing skills be known and I’d be inundated with offers.

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