Why Microsoft loves open source

The open source movement has been a godsend for Microsoft and the other commercial software developers. It allows them to say, “Maybe our software is shit, but LOOK AT THE ALTERNATIVES!”

Open source software is, with a few well-known exceptions, not as good as commercial software. Linux has been around for 15 years, you’d think they’d have been just a little bit closer to getting it right by now.

Instead we’ve had 15 years of “it’ll be much better in the next release” or “it does the 20 percent of functions that 80 percent of people use almost as well as the commercial equivalent” or “what the fuck would you know, n00b?!” or “how much did M$ pay you to write that?”.

This is because the people who write open source software spend all their time abusing non-believers and arguing on slashdot about the minutiae of the minutiae of how evil Microsoft is or why the 0.89beta7 yggdrasil distribution was mankind’s greatest achievement . . . instead of writing better software.

Until there are serious alternatives, commercial software developers have no incentive to improve their products. Instead, they just need to point out how much worse the alternatives are and keep everyone distracted by this ridiculous ideological phoney war.

Even if they spend a few million here and there funding propaganda against open source software, it’s still that much cheaper and easier than paying developers to write better software.

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  1. random says:

    Just like those GIMP faggots. Every time anyone mentions Photoshop, they start banging on about how GIMP is free. And they are right, providing your time is worthless.

  2. thepigs says:

    why are you still banging on about open source? I thought you hype-critics would have move on to slagging web 2.0 by now.

  3. Josh says:

    What are you talking about? I just did last week. And you commented on it.

  4. thepigs says:

    silly me. also, don’t forget that web 2.0 is built on (mainly) open source products which makes it doubly fucked.

  5. mjm128 says:

    Linux hasn’t gotten it right after 15 years? Yeah thats totally it, since they haven’t gotten it right they are still just the number one OS to run supper computers and servers, are more reliable, and more efficient. I guess “getting it right” in terms of a windows person is “chronic chrashes” and a large database of viruses and trojans just at your fingertips for you to try! If anything you have it wrong, opensource and linux SCARE the BIG M.

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