I’d like my $20 billion back

The inefficiency, duplication and buck-passing of having federal and state governments in Australia cost $9 billion a year, according to a conservative estimate by the Business Council of Australia, which is really more like $20 billion a year according to a less conservative George Williams.

That’s 9% of government spending and 3% of GDP. That’s around $2,400 per family. That’s a lot

We face a choice. The first option is to continue to pay extra tax and accept second-rate government services. We have been led in this direction by generations of politicians who have found it easier to leave the system as is rather than take up the challenge of reform.

A reason for this is that the present system benefits those in power.

Just a reason? You’re far too generous, Prof.

There is a deafening absence of rhetoric from either major party on any serious reform. Or minor party, come to think of it, unless you count this bloke, who aims to start abolishing the state governments by running for the NSW upper house. Riiiight . . . the idea being he’s going to reform the system of overgovernment that benefits those in power by joining those in power in the tier of government he says we don’t need.

Why didn’t I think of that?

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