The big 5,000

Some time this morning, the hit counter ticked over the 5,000 mark. Especially since it has been more than a year since I switched over to WordPress, this is a remarkably small and unimpressive number of page views of which to be proud. An average of 12.6 a day. But I am proud anyway.

What it is that has gained me such worldwide notoriety and fame? Is it my intelligent and iconoclastic analyses of Australian politics, media and gender relations? My wry and dark humour? My wit and compassion?


Presenting this blog’s three most popular posts:

At number three, Cover that midriff, it’s making me anorexic, a predictable commentary on Gymnastics Australia’s attempts to get football cheerleaders to wear less revealing costumes. Its popularity no doubt assisted by the posting of a picture of three Queensland Reds cheerleaders in revealing costumes, which was used by the Courier Mail to illustrate the story. 136 hits.

At number two, Selectively sexist, a predictable commentary on model Lara Bingle’s lawsuit against wank mag Zoo Weekly for publishing without her permission pictures of her in a revealing swimsuit. Its popularity due to the large number of people searching the web for pictures of Lara Bingle in a revealing swimsuit (also, it can be assumed, without her permission). 880 hits.

And number one, Romantic pictures for v-day, a collection of images borrowed from a site that pulls out the latest pictures people have posted on their livejournal pages. In a random kind of way, it is a commentary on how society has exploited and commercialised romance. Is that what makes it popular? Of course not. From what the page stats tell me, this image comes up quite high on the list of results when people search Google images for “blood stain“. Or at least it used to. Somehow this has earned a whopping 1,092 hits.

It should be noted that when I cynically attempt to manipulate this phenomenon, such as my post on chess-playing spunkrat Arianne Caoili, it doesn’t work half as well. On the other hand, yesterday’s entirely innocent and uncontroversial comment about music is already stirring up trouble (and hits).

So, having eliminated just over 2,100 out of 5,000 hits as people looking for strange or prurient photos, that leaves around 2,900 who might have actually been interested in something I said.

Thanks for reading guys, and keep up the good work!

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  1. Josh says:

    Perez Hilton gets 4 million plus hits a day for posting pics of important things – like Lindsay Lohan’s crotch – with rude words and arrows scrawled on top of them using Microsoft Paint. I don’t know if that makes me feel better or worse.

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