It’s off to work I go (more than five minutes late)

The SMH reports Sydney buses are “slow, unpredictable and far less reliable than official figures claim”, touting the story on its website front page with the headline “bus shock”. I don’t think anyone who catches buses regularly would be in the least bit shocked.

Still, you have to wonder about the Herald’s methodology – sitting for an hour, in the late morning after the peak, at five different bus stops and counting the number of buses that were more than five minutes late.

The article cites the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal criticising the way the State Transit Authority measures punctuality. But at least it has more statistical integrity than the Herald’s little exercise, which seems to have been deliberately calculated – by choosing the busiest roads and the off-peak periods – to get the worst possible result.

But at least someone in this benighted election is talking about public transport, unlike either of the major parties. Labor knows it’s bad and the Libs know they can’t fix it. Ho hum.

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