Seeing through the greenwash

After months of swallowing the spin coming from Canberra and Macquarie St, someone in the media actually thought for themselves and the results were not pretty.

The Howard Government is suddenly so eco-aware it converts overnight to nuclear, which uses vast amounts of water and pollutes the never-never. While Morris Iemma’s mob is so drought-conscious, as exacerbated by the Howard Government’s dinosaur commitment to fossil fuels, it feels compelled to desalinate, consuming vast amounts of electricity – you recall Bob Carr’s “bottled electricity” quip – and helpfully resalinating any oceans diluted by those pesky melted icecaps.

Thus, being green, we pursue power that guzzles water and water that guzzles power, all of it profiting government. It’s the carbon tax you have when you’re not having one. Now that’s symbiosis.

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