How to write the SMH tech section

  1. Something about Google
  2. Something about Second Life
  3. Something about blogs or MySpace being the future of media
  4. Supposed news story stolen from amusing email chain everyone got last week
  5. FUD piece about ‘cyber-terrorism’ full of government and security vendor propaganda
  6. Sycophantic review of tech gadget to get ad revenue
  7. ‘Staff writers’ story ripped of whichever online news service actually devotes resources to publishing news
  8. Repeat as necessary.

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  1. Discultimate says:

    How to write the Australia’s Media Section

    1. Fairfax overpaid for something
    2. Fairfax editor leaves/combine with gossip from disenchanted employees
    3. Fairfax to be bought
    4. Fairfax to be broken up if bought
    5. “the ABC/Fairfax left wing commentariat/alliance/fellow travellers/politically correct elite””
    6. Fairfax rivers of gold being drained by the Internet
    7. Fairfax makes strategic error
    8. Fairfax CEO David Kirk (as opposed to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The News Corporation Ltd, Mr Rupert Murdoch)
    9 Fairfax’s plush offices at Darling Park
    10. What does Harold Mitchell think?
    11. Where are the advertising dollars going? (quick, tell us)
    12. The ABC’s discredited/soon to be axed/please axe it, it’s doing the reputation of our shoddy journalism real damage, Media Watch program
    13. What are our competitors doing?
    14. Column from His Master’s Voice Mark Day
    15. Gossip column combining nasty snippets about everyone else (especially Fairfax) with token “slap with a feather” item about someone employed by News to simulate balance
    16. Latest “comedy editor” routine from Andrew Jaspan, leaked by parochial Melbourne-based journalists with not enough to do

  2. Discultimate says:

    an addition to the list:

    17. News Ltd launches fabulous new initiative, written in a mysterious news reporting style classed by the wider communications fraternity as a “press release”

  3. Josh says:

    What, you mean this? Pure public interest journalism, you big cynic. The people have a right to know.

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