Casanova’s secret revealed

Chapter 3,498 from the ‘nerds attempt to use logic and their allegedly superior brainpower to get women to date them’ school of website is How to make a hot woman unconscious in 30 minutes or less.

That’s not unconscious as in asleep, for which rohypnol is perfectly adequate, but unconscious as in freed from the preconceptions and prejudices of the conscious mind.

What’s wrong with the conscious mind, you ask? The author tells us, as a result of “show-stopping superficial preferences that are mostly perpetuated by their culture and past experiences”, women think ‘I want a rich man’ or ‘I want a muscly man’. Based on these completely unfounded and foolish prejudices, they refuse to date anyone who is too poor or weedy. Such as, I suspect, the author.

But penniless weaklings need be single no longer, thanks to Dan’s highly tuned psychomological nerd brain.

Apparently the trick is to approach ‘hot’ women and pretend you’re doing a psychology experiment, then talk to them and stare at them. This, he assures us, will bypass their evil conscious defences and go slap-bang into an unconscious-mind attraction using a little-known psychological phenomenon known as ‘bullshit’.

Has it not occurred to Dan that perhaps just talking to women, ‘hot’ or not, about things they’re interested in might be a step up from what they get from most men, most days of the week? Particularly if they are ‘hot’ and used to being ogled and objectified.

But this insight would require a level of introspection and thoughtfulness that’s probably beyond someone who’s incapable of recognising his own show-stopping superficiality (even as he decries it in others) in preferring ‘hot’ women to, perhaps, women who are interesting or have worthwhile ideas.

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