Keep the Lord out of the law

The poor old religious right in this country gets a hard time from those lefty atheist communists in the media, Gerard Henderson complains, because they dare to speak about matters of private morality in public. Utter poppycock, and he knows it.

The problem, Gerard me old china plate, is not advocating a position on private morality, it is legislating one.

In the US, and increasingly in this country, the religious right is on a crusade to influence politicians so they will pass laws that strip people of the rights to act in ways the god botherers say is immoral. Banning abortion? Gagging gay rights? Stymieing stem cell research? That is public morality, Gerard old son. It is saying “I consider this immoral, therefore nobody should be allowed to do it”.

It works really well in places like Iran where you can be hanged in public for committing adultery. (Generally only if you’re a woman, though, so not to worry mate.) Don’t start coming over all disingenuous about the poor maligned religious nutters being denied their rights to speak. They can say whatever they like as long as they keep the Lord out of the law.

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