I hate agreeing with him

Interviewed on Insiders last weekend, the PM was asked why he was opposed to a federal takeover of the heath system. The obvious answer being, he’s opposed to it because Kevin Rudd suggested it. Whereas when Tony Abbott threatened to do the same thing in months and years past, I never heard the PM calling it a bad idea. But the PM’s answer is odd.

I’m not , Barrie, convinced that a federal bureaucracy would run state hospitals any more efficiently than a state bureaucracy. And I’m also of the view that, with all of its failings, and the Australian health system has a lot of failings, it’s a better health system than just about any in comparable countries around the world. And you have to ask yourself, if the Federal Government takes over public hospitals, why shouldn’t it take over public schools or government schools, and, in the end, you might question the long term need to have states.

Yes! Exactly! Right on! You might question the need to have states. Unfortunately I think the PM was saying this is a bad thing. What’s so bad about it?

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