The West Wing series 8

Episode 7: Quack quack

Plucky Republican President Geoffrey W Shrub contemplates two years of lame-duck hell as Republicans get their asses handed to them in the midterm elections and lose control of both houses. Donna and Josh stare at each other meaningfully and are about to kiss when they are interrupted by the sound of Vice President Richard Chainmail shooting himself in the next room.

Episode 8: Cogito ergo sum President

President Shrub faces an uphill battle trying to pass laws banning gay marriage, contraception, abortion and believing in Islam through a hostile and unpatriotic lily-livered liberal Congress. First daughter Gemma Shrub starts dating a black member of the White House staff and the President has them both sent to Guantanamo Bay.

Episode 9: Pants on fire

The press office goes into spin overdrive as a Senate inquiry into the Iraq war finds the Government fabricated evidence against the Saddam Hussein regime to justify an invasion that had already been in planning well before 9/11. The President resists increasingly strident calls to fire Defence Secretary Ronald Dummkopf. Toby begins the search for a new Vice President, with sexy results.

Episode 10: Homo erectus

With the President back on his Texas ranch for some well-needed R&R, the staff engage in some rapid-fire witty banter about how homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. CJ is shocked when she accidentally discovers obscene text messages from Florida Congressman Mike Gaffer on Charlie’s BlackBerry.

To be continued . . .

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