Keeping out the darkies

It’s not often you see Johnny and co play things so badly that they had to dump their proposed changes to the immigration laws.

Previously when faced with getting an unpopular law through the senate, they’d just throw around bribes. For instance, the only reason they got the sale of the first half of Telstra (which no one wanted) through the senate was by bribing far-right wacko independent Brian Harradine with internet censorship legislation (which no sensible person who knew anything about it wanted) and a bunch of pork barelling in his home state.

So in this case I’m surprised they didn’t try the same deal with Family First (also known as the Conservative Christian Anti-Gay Anti-Abortion Anti-Freedom Party) Senator Steve Fielding — offer him something nobody else wanted, say, banning abortion.

That way the process we laughably call “democracy” in this country could have delivered two outcomes nobody wanted for the price of one. (Turns out abortion is all a National Party plot, if you read the last page or so of this interview.)

Nonetheless, it occurs to me Johnny and co have done enough dog-whistling for Hanson supporters . . . “We tried our best to keep the darkies out, but those Jews and the pinkos in the media prevented us again,” they can now claim.

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