Shite TV? Blame the audience!

Channel 10 axed its latest reality-TV monstrosity Yasmin’s Getting Married after a week of totally crap ratings. Never watched the thing myself, but friends who did put it down to Yasmin being good looking but dumb and incredibly annoying. (Not sure why this would be a problem for most men.)

Yasmin: forced to find a husband the traditional way

You have to love the comment from Ten’s chief programming officer, David Mott, who said “Our audience has not embraced this bold new initiative.”

Poor old Yasmin now has to find a husband the traditional way – in a sleazy bar. Ah, but you see, it wasn’t the out-of-touch TV executives trying to ram more product-placement-enriched lowest-common-denominator bollocks down our already reality-TV-stuffed gullets. No, it was the audience’s fault for not being cool and with it enough to recognise the genius of such cutting edge programming.

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  1. He says:

    I loved Tony Martin’s comment this morning on the radio (on the occasion of TVs milestone day today): “50 Years of Television. You’d think they’d have got it right by now.”

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