Gonna bag me some ho’s

Friends and I often talk about what we would do if we were running a fascist dictatorship. I have a fairly long list of items for my utopian society such as sending all teenagers away to an island until they stop being teenagers. In a related item, I would institute the death penalty for contemporary R&B music.

A little harsh, perhaps, but a study by researchers at the Rand Corporation published in the August issue of Pediatrics found a hard-to-refute link between listening to songs with “degrading sexual lyrics” and early sexual activity. In other words, R&B turns kids into sluts.

I mean sure, studies show that a lot of studies are crap and you’d have to be pretty dumb not to notice the obvious racial undertones. The study picks an example of degrading sexual lyrics from a Ja Rule song (with soulful lines like Half the ho’s hate me, half them love me/The ones that hate me/Only hate me ‘cause they ain’t fucked me/And they say I’m lucky) and an example of non-degrading lyrics from the very, very white 98°.

But all that shite about hos and bling and booty and men singing about all the women they want to fuck and women singing about how their men are liars and cheats (but they still love them) . . . you have to wonder if some of that attitude doesn’t sink into the minds of impressionable young kiddies.

Well, now you don’t have to wonder.

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