Chess still isn’t interesting

I don’t mean to be cynical . . . OK, I don’t always mean to be cynical, but I have noticed this blog gets the most hits when I write about someone in the news who people are looking for pervy pictures of (Lara Bingle and the Queensland Reds cheerleaders, for instance).

So how could I possibly pass up the opportunity to mention Arianne Caoili, teenage Australian chess champion and, to avoid being overly euphemistic, rather hot. (OK, OK, those of you who were only after pervy pics were never going to read this anyway so go away and perv here and while you’re admiring the great Renaissance Woman she is, why not listen to her passably belt out a few jazz standards?)

Arianne, like many attractive 19-year-olds, doesn’t mind getting a bit frisky and perhaps dancing slightly inappropriately with someone other than alleged boyfriend and fellow chess nerd Danny Gormally; charisma king, ain’t he?

Unfortunately Gormally took exception at this potential cuckolding and had a wee bit of a punch-up with the home-wrecker in question, Armenian chess champ and world #3 Levon Aronian – yet another big spunkrat. Then when Danny and his British teammates went over to Armenian chess HQ the next morning to apologise, things apparently turned a bit rowdy . . . “while the apologies were being accepted, some of Aronian’s teammates waded in with their fists”.

I suppose the real question is, was Danny jealous of Levon’s pulling power or threatened because the Armenian champ ranks 280 places higher in the world chess geek hierarchy? Arianne’s mum Annette appeared none too displeased that her pride and joy had traded her way up the World Chess Federation charts in such dramatic fashion, particularly when Arianne herself is only 16,400th. Either way, isn’t it nice to see even effete chess nerds with their big, juicy grand-master brains are not above a bit of testosterone-overloaded bloke idiocy . . . ?

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