Source of confusion

The funny story that was emailed around the globe, but wasn't entirely true . . . Now there's a shock!

BBC journalist Karen Bowerman accidentally interviewed some bloke (video here), reportedly a taxi driver, instead of veteran IT commentator Guy Kewney (picture here). You can see how she might have got the two mixed up. At least the bloke answered the questions directly and didn't use impenetrable acronyms, jargon or buzzwords. In what passes for IT journalism these days, he actually did a decent job. I've had interviews with company executives who said less.

But then it turns out he wasn't a cab driver at all. Guy Kewney, referring to an article in the Daily Mail, reckons the 'other guy' was actually an IT guy from the Congo called Guy Goma who was at the Beeb applying for a job. You can see how that makes it better . . . or worse . . . right?

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