Fuck families

I’m absolutely fed up with being a member of a marginalised and oppressed minority. It’s just ridiculous. With the Federal budget due next week, what’s all the discussion about? The Oz says:

Families facing the double threat of a looming interest rate rise and higher petrol prices are expected to secure tax relief in the budget.While downplaying expectations of major tax cuts, Mr Costello yesterday predicted women and families would be the winners in a budget expected to boost spending on defence and increase childcare places.
While refusing to be drawn on whether the Reserve Bank would increase official interest rates this week, Mr Costello said family tax benefits would also help soften the blow of rising petrol costs.
“With the family tax benefit, a family with two children pays no tax at about $40,000 to $45,000,” he told the Ten Network. [My emphasis.]

Families face that threat of higher petrol prices and higher mortgage payments, which will be softened by more family tax benefits. Single people don’t drive cars or buy houses, so they should be fine, is that it?

The so-called opposition is no better. All they do is bicker with the government about which families should get more free stuff. And then there’s the Family First Party insisting the government has to consider the impact of any new laws on families, as if they don’t already?! (Of course they do; it’s just that the Conservative Christian Anti-Gay Anti-Abortion Anti-Freedom Party didn’t have the same ring to it as “Families First”.)

You know what? FUCK FAMILIES!

I’ve got nothing against breeders, you know, some of my best friends have kids. But since when is it up to the state to mandate a single socially acceptable lifestyle choice for everyone? And where did this idea come from that having children is such an important societal good that breeders and breeders alone have a moral right to tax breaks, welfare payments and other free stuff that my taxes pay for?!

There is a large and growing number of people in this country who are completely marginalised by the political system because politicians have discovered there’s electoral gold in the McMansion-swollen suburbs full of overly mortgaged bloody families who are all on the mooch for government handouts. But the pollies have no idea how or no reason to curry the favour of non-breeders.

Problem is, at some point the single, infertile, asexual, gay and deliberately childless people in this country; the career women who skipped having kids and the clucky but partnerless desperadoes; the people who for a dozen other reasons are childless and as a result completely ignored by the political system are going to notice and do something about it . . .

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  1. Josh says:

    My heroes John Clarke and Bryan Dawe were about on the same wavelength last night . . .

    INTERVIEWER: Because the one over here is ‘Green voters’.
    KIM BEAZLEY: Green voters?
    KIM BEAZLEY: “Entire generation of disaffected young people.”
    INTERVIEWER: What have you got?
    KIM BEAZLEY: “Bugger the lot of them.”
    INTERVIEWER: That doesn’t fit.

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