Oh dear God no . . .

The official results are in and we can no longer escape the conclusion that the vast majority of people are complete barking morons.

A poll of 10,230 adults in 10 countries (Brazil, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, South Korea, the UK and the US) conducted by GlobeScan on behalf of Reuters, the BBC and the Media Centre, found that 82 per cent of respondents rated national television as their most trusted news source.

Television . . . trusted? Are we talking about the same thing? Goggle box with stylised, sensationalised, biased, distorted one-minute snippets of pre-digested editorialising sandwiched between – and indistinguishable from – ads for insurance and incontinence pads . . . TRUSTED?

It gets worse.The next most trusted sources of info were:

  • National or regional newspapers – 75 per cent
  • Public radio – 67 per cent
  • Family, friends and colleagues – 62 per cent
  • International satellite television – 56 per cent
  • International newspapers – 39 per cent
  • News websites – 38 per cent
  • Blogs – 25 per cent

Interesting that people rate international sources much lower than local/national ones. Can’t trust those foreigners, evidently. And also curious that news websites left out the stat about how untrusted news websites are.

There is much else to be depressed about in the study findings, in case you were feeling excessively cheerful and needed to take the edge off. We’re in serious trouble, folks.

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