Office of what the fuck?

One of the major changes in our new socialist workers' paradise has been the nobbling of the Industrial Relations Commission and the introduction of the Office of Workplace Services as the regulator responsible for ensuring employers comply with workplace laws and place for employees to complain if they're getting shafted.

Still, it's a bit odd that the website is so obscure. For instance, it doesn't come up when you do a Google search for "Office of Workplace Services" (this may change over time, but it doesn't now). And it isn't linked off the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations website or anywhere else obvious. It's almost as if the Government doesn't want you to know about it.

Which is exactly the kind of conspiracy theory those Commies at the 7.30 Report were spinning the other night. If the Government underfunds and under-resources the OWS and tries to make sure nobody knows it exists, employers will have a much easier time screwing over their staff. Not implausible.

Still, talk about burying the lead. The 7.30 Reporter left the most obvious demonstration of the Government's contempt for proper political process until the end, and even then missed the point completely. So let's lay it out obviously:

  • Taxpayer money spent convincing us we needed new IR laws (also called political advertising): $55 million
  • Taxpayer money spent so far informing us where to turn if our employers try to shaft us and break the law (also called potentially vital information): $0

Why do those lazy and compliant media peabrains let them get away with this? Not good enough!

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