Dishonourable discharge

Look, there’s nothing funny about the death and subsequent shenanigans transporting the body of Private Jake Kovco. So why is the Government playing silly buggers about the circumstances of his death? This is what we get from Defence Minister Doc Nelson:

He wasn’t in fact cleaning his weapon. It was near him in his vicinity and he made some kind of movement which suggests that it discharged. There was obviously a live round in it which there should not have been and that’s as much as I should probably say at the moment.

Ah good, that clears things up. “Some kind of movement” like what, falling over dead?

And sure it’s opportunistic, but you have to wonder – as did Australian Defence Association executive director Neil James – why Defence is so tight arsed it has to outsource something as sensitive as shipping home the bodies of fallen servicemen to a glorified freight company instead of getting the air force to do it.

And why is the very recently widowed Shelley Kovco giving the Prime Minister an earful about all this? Surely she realises no one told him what was going on. And he definitely didn’t read the report.

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  1. olorinsledge says:

    I always thought that the reporting of Pte Kovco’s death due to “accidently shooting himself when cleaning his weapon” was in bad taste. Way to say, “Yep, this guy was an idiot. Look at the way he died. While cleaning his gun THAT WAS LOADED”. Pretty distasteful in my book.

    I feel much sorrow for Shelley Kovco given the stuff up of transporting her late husbands body back to Australia, but can’t help but feel sorry for the PM as well. Just like you, I’m sure he had no idea this had occured and there’s nothing much he could do about it either.

  2. Josh says:

    It just gets wackier every day. The PM has taken full responsibility. For what? Or is he taking responsibility for something that will have no practical outcomes or political repercussions precisely because he dodges responsibilty for anything serious, like AWB etc.?

  3. Shelley Kovco says:

    Put yourself in my shoes!!! (And I honestly hope no-one else ever experiences this) Imagine your partner dies over seas. You had explained to your child that your Daddy’s mates were bringing him home so we can say goodbye to him and then get told he had been left overseas!!! John Howard gets paid enough money to take some shit. And yes John Howard did know before we were told. Please get your facts right and I’m sure about 99.9% of Astralians would have done the same thing I did that night. And I’m sure the people that have commented above would have also. Please post this on your site so I know you have read it.

  4. Josh says:

    Look, sometimes being a sarcastic smart-arse gets me in trouble and this is evidently one of those times. I apologise if I caused offence but I'm NOT defending the PM! I think he's a complete arse and if I had the opportunity to call him a cunt and get away with it, I would too! (Though hopefully not under similar circumstances, which I wouldn't wish on myself or anyone else.) My point was the PM never takes responsibility for anything; he's always claiming he wasn't told or he didn't read the report. That's why the way he acted in this case was so odd — out of character.

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