The future of journalism

Local telecommunications-whinge blog Whirlpool is often lauded for its cutting-edge contribution to the field of technology journalism. It frequently breaks mind-blowingly vital news stories such as Telstra ADSL down in Wagga and Telstra ADSL back up again in Wagga. Basically it's the same sort of rabid no-life obsessive compulsive audience as slashdot, but replacing Microsoft with Telstra as the Evil Empire that must be destroyed.

So when the wacky-zany Whirligigs decided to post a childish, unfunny and utterly nerdly April Fool's Day prank, it was completely indistinguishable from any other whiny post about Telstra on any given day. You'd need to be a broadband super-mega-geek to even get it was a joke . . . and at least half the audience didn't and posted "OMG this is an outrage!" like the whiny girl pantses they all are. So this is the future of journalism.

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