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I find myself constantly infuriated by, but unable to stop reading, the Herald’s Sam and the City blog . . . to the extent that I’ve had email wars with Sam after she refused to publish one of my more outraged replies.

In today’s post, Sam quotes Doing it Down Under by Juliet Richters and Chris Rissel and claims that men have an average of 17 partners in their lifetimes while women have around seven. Given the numbers of women and men in Australia are roughly equal, how is this possible? So I posted:

Isn’t anyone else suspicious about the maths here? If men are having 17 partners and women only 7, who are men having the other 10 relationships with? Other men?

The obvious answer is that men tend to over-report the number of sexual partners they’ve had while women under-report. Or men are more likely to count one-night stands or flings while women are less likely. Or lots more men are gay or bisexual than we currently believe. Surely someone would point this out. But no, 11 minutes later, someone called mr jangles posted in reponse:

Why are you questioning the maths? What are you an actuary?
Just take the survey at face value.


Why oh why would I take something at face value when it quite obviously makes no sense at the most superficial level? Look, if through some childhood trauma or serious head injury a person entirely lost the ability to think for him/herself, that’s sad, but I can understand it. But why does it make Sam’s readers so uncomfortable that they try to smack me down because I choose to? That’s blinkered, ignorant, pigheaded common-sense fascism. Don’t criticise, just accept what you’re told? Get fucked.

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  1. Josh says:

    Postscript — I responded to mr jangles thusly:

    No mr jangles, don’t think for yourself, just accept everything you’re told. It’s much easier that way. By the way, did you know space aliens control the government and the media?

    Sam the Censor, of course, thought this unsuitable for any young kiddies who might be reading her blog and didn’t publish it. Per-kirk! We wouldn’t want to question the intelligence of the readers . . . or the publisher, now would we?

  2. DC says:

    As a (female) colleague just said: “It’s because we’re better liars and really, men can’t handle the truth. It’s a great example of the gender bias. No matter what a guy says, no matter how often he repeats it, any woman who admits she’s been to bed with about 30 guys will be branded a slut and dumped immediately.”
    Either that or we need to explore the key phrase “in their lifetimes”. Maybe there’s a load of necropheliacs skewing the figures.

  3. Josh says:

    Yeah, but the funny thing about that is my female friends tell me how many guys they sleep with. And I don’t think they’re sluts. On the other hand, I wouldn’t go out with them now, knowing what I know.

  4. random says:

    I like to think of the ability to spot trolls as a good measure of intelligence. As you will notice, there are a shitload of trolls on there (like the guy who keeps quoting american psycho) and nobody *ever* seems to realise what they’re doing. This is because they’re too busy taking themselves seriously.

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