Evil twin

This guy I know, Dan, wrote an article where he used the power of the worldwide interweb to track down people who have the same name as him. Ugh, so ten years ago. Or at least that’s when I discovered my doppelgänger, a bloke who lived in Cleveland (and now San Francisco) and writes software for BSD. Nerd. And we don’t look alike. Or get along very well. We tried, by email, a couple of times, but the name appears to be the only thing we have in common. I didn’t even use Google to find him, cos, you know, Google wasn’t invented yet.

The annoying thing about this is when I go ego-surfing, the results that are actually about the real me are interspersed with unsightly links to my evil twin and his boring, boring life. (This of course refers to my real name. A vealmince ego surf only comes up with things I’ve said, which was the idea behind choosing the name in the first place.)

I remember there being a point to all this, but at the moment I’m just annoyed at Dan for giving neurotic Jewish men a bad name. We’re not all Woody Allen clones.

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