Romantic thought for v-day

My bratty teenage sister was shopping with my mother earlier today and they had an argument about mobile phones so my sister ran off. She eventually made her way home.

A fairly unremarkable event, but it reminded me of when I was going out with C early on in the relationship, once in a while when we’d have a big fight over something, she would storm off and start going home. But she would always get about halfway, have a change of heart and call me from the train station or somewhere and we’d sort things out. I was always afraid one day she would make it all the way home and that would be it for us.

One night she made it all the way home, and within a few weeks it was over. Isn’t it nice to be right?

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  1. Girls do that so that the other person goes into shock and goes running after them apologetically. My boyfriends sister and him got in a fight during their drive to school. She actually barrel rolled out of the vehicle in a fit of rage. He didn’t stop and go back for her. Theyve been fighting ever since.

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