Desperately seeking . . . a root

A not-very-subtle survey of 1,000 random Australians found some not-very-subtle answers about online dating. About a third of the people surveyed said they’d used online dating and roughly half of those said it was to find a “casual relationship or friendship”. Why so coy? Why not call a fuck a root?

OK, I’ll admit to having signed up for an online dating thingy and become disillusioned with how flawed and hopeless the whole process is. Evidently I’ve been going about it the wrong way.

I have good friends and finding more isn’t really an isue. And none of the people I’ve come across in the online dating world are people I’d want to hang out with socially but platonically, if you follow me. (Most of them aren’t people I’d be comfortable sharing a cup with, to be honest.) So if it’s not that sort of friendship or casual relationship, that leaves . . . someone to shag. Now why didn’t I think of that?

People’s attitudes also worry me. A fair whack of respondents think it’s not cheating if you have an online affair. Call me old fashioned, but if fluids have been spilt I call it cheating even if the person wasn’t in the same room. And even if you’re only exchanging passionate emails, you’re still substituting a fill-in-the-blanks fantasy lover for a real-life one who farts and forgets your birthday but is, you know, real.

There’s some real Kwality Journorism here. One has to wonder if this non-story would have got a plug in the Herald if it hadn’t found the most popular service was RSVP, also owned by Fairfax (a disclaimer at the end doesn’t forgive the shameless plug, chaps). And funny how the second most popular online dating service is apparently Hotmail, which isn’t an online dating service as far as I know.

Ah, but if you’re down and out about being single, you can always rely on the wisdom of celebrities to get you through.

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