Meeting Eddie

This afternoon I met Eddie Perfect. I’ve bought his two CDs and seen him live at the Opera House and Woodford. And it turns out he’s a friend of my friend’s sister. Small world or wha? He was doing a small and unadvertised live show to warm up for a national tour. And thanks to the above connection, I found out about it and got to meet him after the gig. And I’m not a celebrity worshippers by any means but apparently I was quite the giddy schoolgirl, how embarrassment.

Now I have a dilemma. He’s doing another show tomorrow night but I was supposed to meet someone on a blind date kinda thing. I tried combining the two, but she wasn’t keen on the idea of going to a gig — not a good place to talk, she reckons. Probably true, but this is Eddie we’re talking about; who needs to talk?

So if it’s one or the other, I’m afraid I’m leaning very much towards the show. Are my priorities all screwed up?

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  1. Josh says:

    Turns out I didn’t go to the gig or the blind date. Blind date sounded too pushy over the phone and I didn’t want Eddie to think I’m some kind of weird stalker fan. Cooked dinner for my family instead, well, attempted to disguise leftovers as food. Sucks to be me.

  2. 12inch says:


    Is this your way of saying that your gay tendencies are bubbling to the surface?


  3. 12inch says:

    PS I am jealous that you met eddie.

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