Meeting Eddie

This afternoon I met Eddie Perfect. I’ve bought his two CDs and seen him live at the Opera House and Woodford. And it turns out he’s a friend of my friend’s sister. Small world or wha? He was doing a small and unadvertised live show to warm up for a national tour. And thanks to the above connection, I found out about it and got to meet him after the gig. And I’m not a celebrity worshippers by any means but apparently I was quite the giddy schoolgirl, how embarrassment.

Now I have a dilemma. He’s doing another show tomorrow night but I was supposed to meet someone on a blind date kinda thing. I tried combining the two, but she wasn’t keen on the idea of going to a gig — not a good place to talk, she reckons. Probably true, but this is Eddie we’re talking about; who needs to talk?

So if it’s one or the other, I’m afraid I’m leaning very much towards the show. Are my priorities all screwed up?


3 thoughts on “Meeting Eddie

  1. Turns out I didn’t go to the gig or the blind date. Blind date sounded too pushy over the phone and I didn’t want Eddie to think I’m some kind of weird stalker fan. Cooked dinner for my family instead, well, attempted to disguise leftovers as food. Sucks to be me.

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