Pot-smoking loonies

I figured while I’m in Melbourne for a week I might as well read The Age instead of my usual local tabloid. Not that it’s helped; the problem isn’t so much the reporting as the subject matter.

The PM and the premiers have decided to make big pronouncements about passing stricter marijuana laws as part of a broader campaign to improve our mental health. Of course that’s the part that got all the headlines.

But WTF? I mean yes, there are links between excessive pot smoking and mental illness, especially schizophrenia. But does that mean Australians’ minds will be healthier if we go down the US path of jailing everyone who gets caught with a doobie? The experience of the US suggests not.

And wouldn’t it be better, if we wanted to improve the way we treated mental health, to for instance increase funding for mental health? Eh? But no, that would require spending money. Make enough noise about pot being the cause of all mental illness and nobody notices the goverment continues to do fuck all about the actual problems. This is the classic Howard tactic of saying “Look, it’s the Pope on a bicycle!” to distract us while fucking us in the arse.

We’re starting to get rather sore, John.

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