Sure it’s a media beat-up, but . . .

Overblown tennis brat Lleyton Hewitt failed to show up to a charity fundraiser for the Special Olympics, claiming he had a sore foot. Today it emerged his allegedly sore foot didn’t stop him playing golf with Pat Rafter instead. The organisers even offered to pick him up by helicopter to avoid straining his poor old sore foot.

His manager claimed he never even agreed to be at the fundraiser because he had to attend a maternal health check with his wife Bec. Which was presumably held in a golf course, as they usually are.

If we are going to elevate bratty sports types who can’t win a tournament and soapie/pop stars who can’t act or sing (and should be forcibly restrained from writing poetry) to bogan royalty, does this not give them noblesse oblige to show up to the occasional charity event for disabled kiddies? Say what you like about actual royalty, at least Betty and the rest of the Windsors make fairly regular appearances at these things.

Lord help anyone who views these idiots as role models but if they do, what kind of example is this? Don’t feel like showing up to something worthwhile because it’s dull or difficult? Make lame excuses and go have fun with your mates instead. It’s what Lleyton Hewitt does, and he’s rich and successful and famous and married to a beautiful (stupid and untalented) actor/singer/poet.

Last word goes to suspiciously eloquent former boxer Jeff Fenech, who said: “He’s got a sore foot. I would have been there with a broken leg. These are children who compete in the toughest circumstances, tougher than me or Lleyton. I’d give my world title if it meant seeing these kids happy.”

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