The will of the people

Interesting debate from two senators on the RU486 vote. From one side – a Nationals senator – a well-reasoned argument why it should be up to the Therapeutic Goods Administration and not the Catholic, anti-abortion health minister to decide which drugs are safe to use. And from the other side – a Liberal senator – a bunch of emotive bullshit, attempts to confuse the issue and skewed statistics recycled directly from an anti-abortion lobby group. (DO NOT get me started on pro-bleeding-choice vs pro-bleeding-life terminology today.)

Here’s a good guide. When a politician says:

I have received a lot of correspondence on [insert topic here]. They are letters written with passion by ordinary Australians whose concerns have prompted them to put pen to paper.

. . . he or she is lying. (This is probably no big deal: doesn’t the old joke go that you know a politician is lying if his/her lips are moving?) It’s a bit of lame-arse rhetoric designed to convice you the politician isn’t pushing his or her own politicial/social/moral agenda but reflecting the will of his or her constituents.


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