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Some Coalition politicos have decided Big Bother is too immoral.

Another party room critic, Paul Neville, said the [Ten] network had “tortured to its extreme limits” a code intended to allow for contextualised artistic expression. “It’s not like a daring segment in an otherwise reasonable show,” he said.
“This is gratuitous virtually from start to finish. It is set up that way.
“Where else in Australia do young people live with eight or 10 beds round one room? The very formatting of it invites a gratuitous response.”

I’m so confused.

Censorship is bullshit. But Big Bother is mindless garbage.

The Government has no right to impose moral standards. But even more than most reality-TV crap, Big Bother lowers the tone of society by encouraging, rewarding and displaying only the worst aspects of human behaviour.

The Coalition often takes populist stands to exploit moral issues for political gain. But Big Bother shamelessly exploits the participants and the audience by hypocritically tut-tutting bad behaviour on the show at the same time as they endlessly replay the footage and reap bucketloads of free publicity.

It’s a sad day indeed for Australia when the only people who take a public stand on something that is so obviously bad for society are prudish old biddies in Canberra who want to impose their narrow-minded, reactionary so-called morality on everyone else.

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  1. 12inch says:

    IF the chicks were ugly then the whole of parliamnet would be behind this!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    jesus, fucking christ, if i was in government all young people would be walking around naked, which they practically fucking are anyway. i MEAN how much fucking flesh and cleavage do i see walking around the city at lunch. probably enough to bring myself off. back to big brother. i wouldn’t call it gratuitous so much as fucking boring. i actually reckon you could start a cmpetition to find the most boring part of the show. i mean i watch it every night and i’m so fucking bored at the end of it that sometimes i can’t even be bothered logging on to the internet to watch the live feed and jack off. sometimes i just go straight to my favourite site like smokinmovies.com and watch lessbians fist each other, that’s how fucking bored i get.

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